About the Institut


Based in Paris, its ambition is to offer independent dialogue spaces at the crossroad of the political and institutional world, of the economic scene and the sphere of ideas, in order to enhance debates on today’s key problematics.


By focusing on the networking of skills and expertise wherever they are, the Institute develops a multitude of activities in France and abroad.

Identifier of talents through including the Choiseul 100, the Choiseul 100 Africa, the Choiseul 100 Russia, or the Choiseul Sport & Business. Facilitator of high-level and exclusives meetings the Institut Choiseul continually feeds the decisions of the economic and political actors.


By organizing prestigious events and informal meetings between key executives in Paris, in Brussels, in Moscow and in Africa, by sharing its publications to decision-makers and influential opinion leaders, the Institut Choiseul continually nutures the decisions of economics and politics actors. These events are part of a specific goal: to be constantly alert to major economic and social issues.

En organisant des événements de prestige et des rencontres informelles entre les principaux dirigeants à Paris, à Moscou ou en Afrique, en diffusant ses publications auprès des décideurs et des leaders d’opinion influents, l’Institut Choiseul nourrit continuellement les décisions des acteurs économiques et politiques. Ces manifestations s’inscrivent dans un but précis: être en éveil constant sur les grandes problématiques économiques.